mardi 13 décembre 2011

FUBAR - Diary of a Demon


FUBAR - Diary of a Demon

Free download of the 2nd release from the independent label "Shark Brothers." Compilation includes the top songs from my previously released albums. All tracks pre-date Demonios Sekt, OvaSeas Movement & Shark Brothers ..

Production from MUD!, Flux, Deejay PhiLogic, JayQue Cgv Beats, Blue Sky Black Death, Tristam (Alex Reynoso), Shadowville Productions, DaSun Akbar, Al'Tarba, Righteouz Knight, Engineer & Eric BigLu Stokes ..
Features from Flux, Hutch Devill (Adam Salinas), Mary BabyJayne Musyl & Parradox.
Release Date: 12-17-2011


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